Idaho and ingenuity both begin with the same letter.  The relationship is on display near Riggins.  I came across a story this morning about the challenges associated with replacing the Manning Crevice Bridge over the Salmon River.  The old bridge was constructed during the Great Depression.  During the first Franklin Roosevelt Administration.  He presided over four before dying 76 years ago.  Over time, the old bridge showed age. 

The feds needed only a few years to get a plan in place and then the work commenced.

Putting up a new bridge became imperative.  Yet, it was done and at a cost considered a bargain.  You can learn more about the project by clicking on this link.

I’ve been in the area but have never attempted the drive over the river.  It’s now on my short list for the summer of 2021.  The bridge is essential for the local economy.  Which thrives on attracting sportsmen.  It’s one of the best places for fishing on the planet and known for its steelhead.

The Federal Highway Administration recognizes the area is also popular with people simply sightseeing (like me).

The feds needed only a few years to get a plan in place and then the work commenced.  Considering how long it has taken to even consider a third bridge over the Snake River near Twin Falls, the new bridge in Riggins could be considered a miracle!

Apparently, the environmentalists were all out to lunch and missed their opportunity to slow the project and to send the price tag into the stratosphere.

Anyone want to join me on a road trip?  Also, I’ve got a very good recipe for pan fried trout.


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