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First, there won’t be much of a crime threat.  Mackay Bar Ranch is isolated.  The road going in wouldn’t be a reliable approach for a thief.  Access is otherwise by air or boat.  The boat travels more than twenty miles downriver, where you can access a car and then drive more than 20 miles to Riggins to shop.

Riverfront access to the property measures thousands and thousands of feet.  A corral and a long runway for planes.  The main house is three thousand square feet and would be described as rustic.  There are guest cabins and a large guest house.

Popular with hunters and anglers, it’s also a place for some rest and relaxation.  It includes a large white sand beach.

The owners plan to relocate to a smaller neighboring property after the sale. Buck and Joni Dewey bought the place for slightly more than three million dollars a decade ago.  The two aren’t only avid outdoors people, they also work as outfitters.  They're a rare breed in modern Idaho.  They’re native-born!

A buyer isn’t likely going to use it exclusively as a private home, however.  A wealthy person could decide it’s a great camping experience for extended family and friends.  You would become quite a legend when it comes to entertainment!

While commercial and residential real estate is experiencing some bumps along the highway, I think luxury properties will maintain value.  There are very wealthy people all over the world looking for property just like this in the United States.  Because life here is stable in comparison to where they may currently live.

Check out the video of the property and its amenities below.

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