It doesn’t need to be far from home.  Just away from home for a few days.  Somewhere that I can buy or brew hot coffee.  A shower is optional but would be great if I was staying beyond a couple of days.  A Yeti cooler is preferred.  An Igloo will do.  Somewhere that wouldn’t require me to cook every meal.  Something secure.  I don’t want to be in a tent in the outback waiting to become the main course for a grizzly.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

A little civilization would be appreciated.  Just don’t interrupt me when napping or reading.  Unless you’re a woman between 18 and 65 years old.

A hotel room would be comfortable, but not required.

I’ve crunched some locations in my head.  The backcountry is out.  Even the hills south of Twin Falls are a little too isolated.  There’s too much congestion in Salt Lake City or Boise.  Yosemite National Park is too far away for a short break.

My thoughts have settled on somewhere like Pine, Idaho, and Anderson Ranch Reservoir.  There are people around if you want some human contact.  There are places to eat.  If you want to drive into town for a few supplies, Fairfield is close.

It seems like just yesterday I made my last visit to the reservoir.  It was Independence Day, 2020.  During the COVID era.  I recall I didn’t see anyone masked, or constantly wiping their hands with sanitizer.

A few months later, I spent an autumn week in Oregon.  I couldn’t get my room cleaned, the restaurants were closed and everyone was afraid of being within six feet of a fellow human being.  That’s the difference between a weekend at liberty and a week in a police state.

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