I’m a firm believer that human ingenuity can solve a lot of the problems of this world.  We live in a dry climate and some of the environmental fearmongers insist it’s only going to get worse.  Calmer heads would point to historical cycles and say we’re nearing the end of a lengthy drought.  No matter what you believe, if you could pull your drinking water out of thin air, would you do it?

I came across a story this week about “hydropanels”.  Developed by a company in Arizona, the panels squeeze the moisture out of the air.  One small panel can deliver just under six quarts of water a day.  Several panels could provide drinking water for an entire family.  If you live alone, you could have water for your plants and some household chores.

The panels are $2,000 each.  I suppose that sounds pricey, but if you can get 25 to 30 years of use before replacement, this might be a good idea.  Especially since it means you’ll have a consistent supply of water.

In some parts of the country and world, it’s illegal to collect rainwater on your property, which seems a bit Orwellian, however.  How could anyone legally and logically justify blocking you from squeezing some water from the air?

By the way, in California, the number of people putting barrels beneath drain spouts is growing.  They hope to save what they can for watering plants and lawns.  The state allowed 95 percent of the water that fell on the state in recent weeks to flow into the ocean.

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