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AMERICAN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Continued abuse of a popular camping and recreation site in Power County could result in the area being closed off to the public. According to the Idaho Department of Lands, the area known as Rock Creek, south of American Falls could be off limits to camping and ATV use if abuse of the area continues.

The area near Rockland is part of of an Idaho endowment trust land owned by the Public Schools Beneficiary, the money from grazing goes to fund kindergarten through 12 grade education; recreation is a secondary use and no money is made from it. The Department of Lands said in a statement Wednesday that the area is being abused by people on off-road vehicles not staying on designated trail and trash and feces is being left at campsites.


There had been a trash service and portable toilets available at the site, but managers say even that was abused. Another agency had managed the services, but decided it was cost prohibitive to maintain them. Damage to the area that has to be repaired comes out of the money that is intended for Idaho schools.

The department is asking the public to help keep the land open to recreation by taking home garbage, stay on existing trails, and don't leave human waste. The land can be adopted by groups to help clean-up the area, you can call the IDL Jerome office at 208-324-2561.

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