Now give this a chance. It might sound boring – Adam Sandler talks about food with Conan O’Brien – but the former SNL stars (Sandler was, of course, a cast member, while O’Brien as a long-time writer) have some pretty tall tales to share about their time on the show, specifically as it applies to meals.

Sandler hit Conan last night to chat about, honestly, we’re not even sure what he was there promoting, but during the course of his visit, he and O’Brien got to reminiscing about their time together on the venerable NBC sketch comedy show.

Sandler started slow, remembering how cocky he was as a young cast member (believable) before eventually landing on the sweet spot: meal time. The cast and writers always take the host out for dinners the Tuesday before the show and Sandler recalled some of his favorite moments. From Michael Keaton busting out his famous “I'm Batman” line while battling over who would pay the check to recalling the insane amount of food Chris Farley would eat, we’ve got some ideas for the next SNL special.

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