I would say most Idahoans never trusted the election results two years ago.  While some radio companies banned hosts from casting doubt on Joe Biden’s apparent victory, I enjoyed the freedom to speak my own mind.

I never bought arguments that voting machines were rigged.  That’s too messy.  Modern psychiatry has a better explanation.  Establishment news and entertainment media cherry-pick what they want you to read, see and hear.  The Hunter Biden laptop story was buried under an avalanche of media collusion.  Google's algorithms could have been altered to conceal positive news about Donald Trump.  Reporters never covered Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Evidence Mounts

Now we’ve got another argument and this one says the opposition did engage in some messy dirty tricks.  Messy in that the filmmaker was able to bring evidence to bear on an argument that ballots were being harvested and ballot boxes stuffed.

The movie is called 2000 Mules.  The picture that is currently on release brings together evidence from several battleground states.

The Film is Touring Idaho

State Representative Dorothy Moon purchased a copy and has been screening it at various locations across Idaho.  On Tuesday, she came to Twin Falls.  Eastside Baptist Church opened its doors for the event.  Pastor Paul Thompson said more than 300 people showed up on short notice.  Chairs had to be set up in the atrium to accommodate the overflow crowd.  As you can see from the pictures, parking was also at a premium.

There is a reason many people believe the election was stolen.  It's something called anomalies and there are plenty.

Representative Moon showed off the film in Coeur d’Alene last week and in Burley on Monday.  There are screenings this week at Mountain Home and Pocatello.  Moon is a candidate for Idaho Secretary of State.  If she wins her contest, she’ll be overseeing election integrity statewide.

Crowd to see film in Twin Falls. Credit Paul Thompson.
Crowd to see film in Twin Falls. Credit Paul Thompson.

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