There are numerous ways you can choose to decorate your house for Christmas, or you can choose to not decorate too. You see all this variety around Twin Falls as you drive around at night. You'll see lights, ornaments, inflatables, and even lasers.

Twin Falls Favorite Christmas Decoration

As I have been driving around Twin Falls this year, I've noticed a new trend in Christmas decor and it's a very patriotic display. Many houses have Christmas light American flags mixed in with their regular Christmas decorations.  I don't remember seeing this in previous years.

Credit N8
Credit N8

Patriotic American Flag Christmas Lights In Twin Falls

I like the new trend of American flag Christmas lights. You get to show your love of the United States and you don't have to have a separate light shining on your flag at night since it is the light.

It also seems like a pretty easy way to decorate. Definitely easier than wrapping lights around a tree or hanging them from a roof.

How Do You Decorate Your Twin Falls Home?

There are quite a few ways you can choose to decorate for Christmas. Which is your favorite?

Christmas Lights In Twin Falls

I saw my first house lit with Christmas lights in Twin Falls back before Halloween. It was lit with regular Christmas lights around the roof and porch. Since then, houses have been popping up every day with new decorations in all types of styles. There have been a lot of Christmas yard inflatables this year too, but this is the first year that I have seen the American flag light displays.

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