One of Ammon Bundy’s primary opponents told me he was surprised to find Bundy is a nice guy.  Mainstream media has created the image of a monster.  I’ve joked on-air and in previous writings that the candidate’s mother didn’t name him “Anti-government activist”.  Yet, it’s what you often see before reading his actual first name.  Disappointment in government doesn’t make you an anarchist.

Bundy is putting his resources into a final sprint versus a marathon.

Bundy made his second appearance on my program as a candidate for Governor of Idaho.  We spent a freewheeling hour on topics as diverse as COVID-19 response, property taxes and drought.  The man has done his reading and his research.  You can listen to our conversation by clicking right here.

While there are several announced candidates for the Republican Party nomination, only three currently announced have a real crack at success.  Bundy, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin and businessman Ed Humphreys.  Governor Brad Little hasn’t made any formal announcement but his fundraising very much accelerated in mid-summer.

While media coverage of Ammon Bundy may result in what reporters call “high negatives,” he’s not alone.  The Governor earned some negatives on COVID response.  Even negative stories raise the public profile of a candidate.  Some can turn the name recognition into a positive.  Bundy is one of the most recognizable faces in America and possibly even around the world.

In my personal opinion, the candidate has an intuitive political sense.  As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, a lot of potential voters will be focused on holidays and family.  The serious campaigning will get underway in the last 60 to 90 days before the primary in May.  Bundy is putting his resources into a final sprint versus a marathon.

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