HAIELY, Idaho (KLIX)-Two mountain lions were removed and euthanized from a Hailey neighborhood out of concern for public safety as the animals became too accustomed to being in town. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a young lion was capture on March 17, and an adult female was caught on March 21; both were euthanized. Officials said the two animals had become habituated to living within the town. Recently the animals had grown accustomed to roaming around neighborhoods and had shown aggression towards a Hailey resident. Fish and Game has not had to euthanize a mountain lion since 2020.

Numerous Mountain Lions Spotted in Wood River Valley Since Fall

Since the falls of 2022, Idaho Fish and Game said more than 85 calls had come in reporting a mountain lion sighting in the Wood River Valley. There had been some reports of non-fatal attacks on a number of dogs in the area. As a result conservation officers have used a number of tactics to get the large cats to leave residential areas including hazing with buckshot, aerial cracker shells, and pepper falls fired from an air gun. Officers have also helped residents identify and board up areas around their homes that may be a welcoming resting area for the mountain lions. Also, fresh deer kills were also removed from neighborhoods to prevent them from attracting the lions.

Euthanizing Animal is Done for Public Safety

“Fish and Game staff have ongoing discussions about wildlife and how wildlife actions can impact public safety for Wood River Valley residents and their pets,” Magic Valley Regional Supervisor Craig White said. “We will always err on the side of public safety when wildlife and people share the same space, especially when that space is in communities where families live and work.” Idaho Fish and Game set up a special website for people on how to stay safe while living with wildlife.

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