A Minnesota-based company and landscape maintenance equipment manufacturer has recalled a 2021 model of snowblower for risk of potential amputation.

United States makers of landscaping equipment, Toro., have issued a national recall of its Toro Power Max 826 OHAE (Model 37802) snowblower, according to details shared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Administration. The models retail at about $1,200, and were sold at a number of stores such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware between November 2020 and the first few weeks of this year.

Aside from snowblowers, the company makes lawnmowers, products for irrigation, golf course maintenance equipment and other related tools that facilitate property upkeep. The nationwide recall was announced February 17.

The newest model Toro. blower (Model 828) was featured in a recent video uploaded to YouTube back in November. As of this date, the only model included in the recall is the Max 826.

The company has offered to repair any blowers that have been purchased by American consumers. The risk for failure of the machine's auger upon control lever disengage was cause for the recall. Those with questions regarding the recall can contact company support 24-hours a day, by calling 833-254-8856.

The company has received multiple reports of auger failure in the model, but no claims of injury have surfaced as of yet. To search for a Toro. dealer near you, click here. When inquiring, list the recall number as 21-080.

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