I don’t ski.  I don’t snowmobile.  I don’t irrigate crops.

I’m not in love with snow.  The last couple of mornings as I was scraping my car windshield at 2:45, I realized I’ve had enough of winter.  Actually, I got out of bed on December 26th and thought I had seen enough.

The other day, I was talking with a friend at the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  He had just finished two bowls of clam chowder.  It was a warm-up.  He had been working outside one morning when it was 15 degrees.  He has decided that when he retires, he’s buying an RV.  He and his wife then plan to spend winters in Arizona.  An aunt and uncle do the same.  They leave the day after Thanksgiving and don’t come home until the start of April.

I realize that my position may offend people who are dealing with drought.  Let me reply that if you’re offended because somebody else doesn’t like snow, you need to get a life!

I grew up in a place where we received elevation and lake-effect snow.  Then I worked for years in the snowiest metropolitan area in the country.  I’ve done my part for the companies that make scrapers, shovels, and gloves.

Now that I’ve offended the god of winter, I expect it’ll snow clean through may and into the first week of June.  I’m not a beach guy, but at that point, I’ll be ready.  I could take a vacation right now in southern California, but this winter it’s not even safe there.

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