Oh Idaho, how I love you so much. Beautiful trees, rivers and lakes. The only thing I do not love would have to be the weather. And let me be clear, I love the weather, I do not like the temperamental Mother Nature that controls Idaho. Idaho has it's own Mother and she is on a rampage.

In the last two weeks we have had a couple of snow storms, some rain, insane wind, temperatures below freezing and temperatures in the 70s. Some of those things happened all in the same day. Mother Nature needs to get those mood swings under control because I am ready for spring and summer.

I know that spring time in Idaho is really just all 4 seasons in one day. It is waking up to hoodies, changing to tank tops by lunch and busting out the rain jacket by dinner time, but can we just get a little consistency.

This week has been pretty nice. This coming weekend we may see 80 degree temperatures! Whoo Hoo! Then, come Monday and the rest of next week, we are likely back down to the 40s and 50s. Still not as bad as it could be.

So for this open letter to Idaho's Mother Nature, because I am pretty sure she isn't the same Mother Nature. I think the one controlling Idaho is the angry step sister than always got overshadowed so she is just making her presence known.

We see you girlfriend, he hear you through the wind and see those mood swings in the weather. We got you, now please, let us have a week of consistent temperatures.

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