Someone thinks they know who makes the best donuts in Idaho. You may or may not agree, but no doubt that Homer Simpson would be checking out this place. 

the Charlie Brown, a pumpkin donut with a root beer glaze

Thrillist put together their best donut list for each state. In Idaho, they're big believers in Guru Donuts in Boise. Here's why they're crowning them with the best pastry ever award for our beloved state.

Guru Donuts co-owners Kevin and Angel Moran are to be admired -- and it's not just because they make excellent pastries. The Morans weren't serious bakers until they realized Boise needed a gourmet donut shop, and since no one else stepped up, they asked a neighbor to teach them the delicate art of frying dough. Bless their can-do spirit, and bless that anonymous neighbor, who's indirectly responsible for creations such as the Charlie Brown, a pumpkin donut with a root beer glaze.

That's fine for Boise, but two hours is almost too far to drive for a donut. Which establishment in the Magic Valley would you choose for your donut fix?