The recycling effort by Twin Falls residents is working so well, it’s causing another problem.  The Southern Idaho Solid Waste landfill near Burley is getting less tonnage of garbage.  Now, that may sound like a good thing but the problem is, that landfill depends on tons of garbage for its income as cities around the area pay by the ton to dump their garbage there.  In short, the landfill isn’t making the money it was in the past because of the recycling effort.  And, it could get worse in the future if or when other towns implement recycling programs.  It’s to the point that the landfill is considering raising its tonnage rates to help make up the difference.  So, the bottom line is…the more you recycle to save resources the more you may have to pay.  This is somewhat the same issue that Twin Falls has with water rates and usage.  Residents are conserving water due to a conservation plan implemented several years ago.  And this spring water usage has been down because of the cool temperatures and abundant rainfall.  As a result Twin Falls is about a million dollars behind last year in city water revenue.  Right now there is no solution to either dilemma but city and county officials along with landfill officials are trying to come up with a plan so those who conserve and recycle are not punished with higher rates.

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