WENDELL, Idaho (KLIX)-The lawyer representing a Wendell man who was tased by a Gooding County Deputy said what happened to his client and family was criminal.

Attorney Mark Means said Thursday that criminal charges should be filed following the tasing incident that happened outside the home of John and Verla Hall on May 27. “This isn't enforcement of law,” said Means during a phone interview with News Radio 1310. He said his clients John, Verla and their son Jason, intent to seek justice and he said that depends on what happens next.

According to the Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough, a special investigator from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing the events that took place on May 27, following a report of a road rage incident on Interstate 84 involving a truck driver and Mr. Hall. The truck driver had accused Hall of road rage and brandishing a gun during the incident. Means said he has a woman who witness the alleged road rage and refutes that claim and said she too was almost run off the road by the truck driver that day. The events then continued at the Hall’s home just north of Wendell where a Gooding County Sheriff’s deputy responded.

In a social media video widely shared of the incident, Mr. Hall is seen lying on the ground after being tased. Several other law enforcement agencies arrived on scene including Gooding Police and Idaho State Police. Sheriff Gough said in an earlier statement that body camera footage from law enforcement of the events that transpired was also under review. Means said he has requested copies of those videos and all evidence linked to the incident, but as of Thursday hasn’t received them. The deputy involved in the incident has been suspended, pending the investigation. Means said he doesn’t understand why the deputy hasn’t been fired.

At this time, only Mr. Hall’s wife, Verla Hall, has been charged with resisting arrest and seizures related to what happened that day. Means said he isn’t representing her on those specific charges.

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