If you're looking for something great to watch and enjoy nature documentaries, it's going to be hard to find one better than what Amazon Prime is offering. Idaho has its own beautifully shot film available to watch now.

"Idaho The Movie," wrapped up filming long ago, but no one I know has seen the Emmy Award winning documentary as of yet. I had a chance to view it recently, and it's fantastic. Amazon Prime is just one streaming service that has the film available for viewing.

While I'm still a good 35 or so states away from visiting all 50 in the United States, I've spent my life exploring the west. There is still a lot of beauty out there that I have yet to see with my own eyes. Having said that, I would find it hard to argue against the fact that states such as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, Washington and California, aren't among the most beautiful in the country.

What makes a beautiful state in my opinion, is one that offers a wide range of landscape types for people to enjoy. Nothing comes close a swim in the Pacific Ocean in the summer about an hour before sunset.

Being a native of California, its lakes, coastline, desert, mountains and national parks, such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Redwoods, make the state a one-of-a-kind choice to explore in my opinion. Idaho might be my second pick of favorite states to travel, and I haven't even been further north than Stanley. That will change this summer.

Idaho natives will love the documentary. It's a must watch, and shines a light on many great local areas, such as Thousand Springs park and Craters of the Moon. The Sawtooth Mountains surrounding areas such as Stanley are also featured in the film.

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