In just a few days, a 2020 University of Colorado graduate will release a documentary based on the case of a brutal murder committed more than 70 years ago in a rural northern Idaho town. A 12-year-old boy had his throat slit, was blindfolded, and left on the side of a roadway.

The 1951 murder case of Lonnie Jones has haunted the community of Weippe, Idaho, for decades. Details of the true-crime were shared recently by the Idaho Cold Case website. A University of Colorado (Denver) graduate is preparing to debut a documentary about the murder investigation.

Jones was a native to Weippe, which is located 160-miles southeast of Coeur d' Alene. His body was discovered by a trucker along a highway near Greer, Idaho, according to Idaho Cold Cases. He sustained brutal wounds to his throat and face.

A trailer for the documentary was released by film student Jamie Zurzolo. Zurzolo traveled to Weippe between 2018 and 2020 to conduct interviews with police and family, and will release her new documentary on Saturday, April 23.

The young filmmaker raised funds through a GoFundMe page to finance materials, lodging, and additional costs to make the documentary. The 20-minute film has been titled, "Who Killed Lonnie Jones," and will debut in an Orofino theatre this weekend. Orofino is a town located near Weippe, and is one to which young Lonnie Jones used to travel to frequently.

If you have any information that could help Idaho authorities solve this 71-year-old cold case, please call 208-476-4521.

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