The full documentary detailing a 1989 double murder in southeast Idaho was recently shared on YouTube. The brutal crime was staged to look like some sort of satanic sacrifice, and left a dark imprint on the city of Idaho Falls that lasts to this day.

Idaho Falls police responded to a home 32 years ago, and wound up walking into one of the most bizarre crime scenes imaginable. The case was like something out of a horror movie, in which the perpetrator took time to set up an elaborate display in hopes of throwing law enforcement off the scent. The scene included candles, a message on a table cloth reading "Satan Loves You" in human blood, and close to 20 kitchen plates neatly placed near the stove, all of which contained what appeared to be blood.

Paula Zahn is a journalist and true crime television host who has made a career of covering shocking cases in the United States. Her series can be seen on the Investigation Discovery (ID) streaming platform. The Idaho Falls case she hosted years ago was recently shared to YouTube, and is available to watch free of charge.

The feature details the murders of Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy, who were found shot to death at an Idaho Falls residence. The story was covered by several area news outlets, and shortly after the bodies were discovered a manhunt for the husband of one of the victims was launched.

Three years after the murders, Betty's husband William Gray was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder. William Gray initially told authorities he was on vacation when the crime occurred. The YouTube documentary is 41-minutes long.

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