It may sound gross and it may actually be gross, but your big belly-busting burps could earn money for charity. I love burping. Some people think flatulence is hilarious but to me it is burps that make me laugh. Every time. And that is bad news for my oldest son who is extremely grossed out by guttural belches since those are my specialty. I am actually drinking a root beer right now so I can burp while I write this. That is how dedicated I am to the cause of burping.

Another company is just as dedicated as I am, OK more dedicated, to the expulsion of face air and they are running a fundraiser right now for bartenders. As we all know, bars 'aren't essential' so you can't go in with your crew and sit at a table drinking for hours. That means your bartender is also not working and needs money until your drunk-self can go back to your favorite table. Liquid Death sparkling water is so dedicated they even made a song out of burps. Warning: there are a lot of burps in this.

Each valid burp earns $20, up to $250k, to help out of work bartenders and servers. Added incentive, other than that you get to belch for a cause, is the best of the burpers will win free drinks and the top burp also wins cash. Just post your burp on Instagram and tag @liquiddeath and #belchforbars.

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