I think my studio is safe.  It faces west and the blast wave will probably come from the northeast or northwest.  Either Idaho National laboratory or Mountain Home Air Force Base.

I suppose will get a wave from the south as Hill Air Force Base is probably on a target list.  Nellis Air Force Base is probably a bit too far from us for any serious wave.  Fallout maybe but still quite distant.

My studio doesn’t have windows.  This has been a bone of contention for a long time here at the radio station.  I don’t get to see the sunrise and don’t get to see much sun at all because of my work schedule.  In the event of the apocalypse, the lack of a window is probably a good thing.  I won’t be pierced with shards of glass flying across the room like birdshot.

A website called scitechdaily.com has recommendations on the best places to shelter when a nuclear explosion occurs.  You may have only seconds.  At home, my best opportunity is the kitchen floor.  The breakfast counter will block much of the flying glass.

Why are we having this conversation?  Because Joe Biden is a blithering idiot who may blunder into World War Three.  With Russia over Ukraine or with China because he’ll dither for days before a response.

I grew up under the threat of the bomb and I’m old enough to remember duck and cover.  At my elementary school, we lined up in the hallway, buried our faces against a wall, and wrapped our arms behind our heads.  A little over 30 years ago I came to believe that the annihilation of the human race wouldn’t happen in my lifetime.  This from a guy born during the Cuban Missile Crisis in a place called Cuba!

You know, it just struck me that some of the caves to our north or an old mine shaft in Wallace would be safe.  Of course, you would need to be standing right beside the entrance when the explosions started.  When you emerge, it’ll be cloudy for several years and nothing will grow.  You’ll have to fight any surviving neighbors in aisle four at the grocery store.  However, getting in and out will be easy.  The windows and doors will be gone.

Hey, don’t blame me.  I voted for Trump!

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