America’s premier nuclear laboratory has a new green mission.   The hemp clothing crowd managing Joe Biden’s Department of Energy is planning a massive solar farm in East Idaho.  On the grounds of Idaho National Laboratory.

You can read more at this link from the liberal news source Reuters, a European counterpart to the Associated Press, and staffed by even more lefties than the AP!  The story reads almost like a deep-state news release.  The writer gushes overpowering 70,000 homes.  From what I read, it doesn’t say if those would be in Bonneville County versus Los Angeles County.  That would be an important detail.

The story mentions battery storage, which remains a challenge.  Solar power has a couple of major drawbacks.  It doesn’t work after sunset and struggles on cloudy days.  Hence the need for batteries for storage of power, a technology still more of a promise than a reality.

Is this the proper mission for INL?  It’s a nuclear lab.  The future of nuclear energy is in small-scale reactors that could operate in a building the size of a garden shed.  One reactor could power 25,000 homes.

It appears from the story that private firms would put up the solar panels.  Did someone offer a campaign contribution to Joe Biden?  In return did someone get some government business tossed their way?  Under the guise of green energy, a lot of people are profiting handsomely.

It’s a fascinating triangle the liberals have created.  Solar and wind bring in sky is falling voters.  More libs get elected.  The libs collect more campaign cash from Big Green.

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