UPDATE: According to information provided by the BLM, due to unfavorable weather conditions in August the prescribed burn in the Cinder Butte area northeast of Hazelton has been rescheduled for Sept. 1-Oct. 15. 

HAZELTON, Idaho (KLIX) – If you see smoke in the area during the evening hours, it might be from a prescribed burn the Twin Falls District of the Bureau of Land Management will conduct between Aug. 23-31 in the Cinder Butte area northeast of Hazelton.

The prescribed fire is expected to take three to four days of ignitions and an additional one to two days to monitor and patrol.

According to information provided by the BLM, the project will reduce the risk of large fires and the resulting conversion of sagebrush habitat to invasive annual grasses and weeds. The burn also will enhance wildlife habitat, restore native grasses and shrubs, and increase public safety.

Smoke may be seen east of the project in the evenings, according to the agency, but the majority of smoke is expected to move to the northeast.