Gun owners have been awaiting a public range in southern Idaho for several years.  Now it appears we may be seeing more than one.  Jerome County is well on its way to having a range opened on property managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  With our growing population, that may not satisfy the demand.

We learned Monday morning on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KILX that a second site may be under consideration in Twin Falls County.  The BLM is seeking input from the public.  Here are some questions being asked by the agency.

Where are the wildcat shooting areas you currently use? Do issues exist there and if so, what are they?

Would you be interested in using developed shooting ranges on public lands?

What kind of shooting do you think developed ranges should accommodate?

What locations should BLM consider for developed shooting ranges?

What locations should NOT be considered for developed shooting ranges?

Do you have any specific suggestions or ideas for public land shooting areas?

How would a developed shooting range on public land be a benefit to you or others?

Would you be willing to pay a fee to use a developed shooting range? If so, what would be the appropriate fee?

The Bureau asks that you offer your input promptly.  You can also reach out to David Freiberg at 208-732-7271.

The agency is asking for the same input across multiple counties in Idaho.  I found some details online today about a similar proposal as far away as Teton County.  The BLM faces a lot of criticism, but most of that centers on far away workers in Washington, D.C.  You’ll find the staff on the local level are quite nice and looking to work with local communities.

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