For all the people telling you wind power is our future, it’s only the case as long as we can afford to subsidize it as a source of energy.  Because wind power isn’t getting cheaper.  Some will insist it’s becoming a bargain, but not according to the town of Willmar, Minnesota.  A local utility put up two wind turbines in 2010, with a promise the giant pinwheels would last 20 years.  Then a 95-dollar part failed.  The power company can’t find a replacement.  Because the company that made the turbines was as reliable as the wind.  It went belly up a long time ago.

The only way to keep these companies in business is with generous subsidies from taxpayers.  Liberals believe we can continue raising taxes and borrowing from other nations.  With 33 trillion dollars in official national debt and 78 trillion dollars of promises for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  That’s why many of us see the word liberal as a synonym for fool.

Meanwhile, the tree spiker in charge of the Bureau of Land Management still insists on planting hundreds of turbines in southern Idaho.  Failure isn’t an option for these people.  Feeding a dead horse wins votes from fellow travelers, and they can shower friends with your tax dollars.

Or foreigners.  Billions for Japanese companies.  Check out this link.  Almost seven billion dollars in borrowed money from a foreign firm.

When do we start the revolution?  And I’m not talking about blades going round and round.

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