According to KBOI, Idaho is one of just seven states that has not yet established a 'Blue Alert' system which issues alerts to residents following a violent attack on a law enforcement officer. That, though, could soon change.

A bill that has been introduced to the state's legislature looks to establish the 'Blue Alert' system state-wide. The purpose of these alerts is to "provide immediate information to the public about violent suspects via media broadcasts, and other notification resources to solicit help from the public in the safe and swift apprehension of the suspect."

So, for example, if there is an incident in downtown Boise that involves an attack on our local, state, or federal law enforcement officers, then the suspect evades capture, a 'Blue Alert' will be issued with more information about the suspect and the incident.

The following are the criteria for sending an alert (via

(A) the serious injury or death of a law enforcement officer in the line of duty;

(B) an officer who is missing in connection with the officer’s official duties; or

(C) an imminent and credible threat that an individual intends to cause the serious injury or death of a law enforcement officer.

The bill got an overwhelming response in the initial process passing unanimously in the Senate; it now moves to the House for final approval.

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