I know I have to qualify the story before I start.  I really don’t care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors.  I also don’t care if you have a parade.  After all, I’m not required to attend.  On the other hand, I have an issue with any event other than a somber remembrance taking place on September 11th.  It’s a hallowed day.  Several people I know lost friends and loved ones on that day.  A friend worked at the site for weeks as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspector.  He witnessed the grim search, and he met widows and orphans who came to the scene with dimming hopes.

If you want to twerk in a public park, can you schedule it for the 12th?

Would you hold a pride festival on December 7th or Memorial Day?  Who was the genius who came up with the Boise Pride Festival calendar?  Who are the politicians blind to any conflict when it comes to the date?

I guess I can see the politicians signing off on such a harebrained choice.  They’re afraid of the mob, and the liberals in Boise wouldn’t have the brains to see how any such activity dishonors the lives of the 3,000 fellow Americans murdered on a late summer day!

As for the organizers of the LGBT clubs, you may not have any shame, but must you also be so incredibly disrespectful?  Didn’t any of you lose friends in the flames and crumbling buildings?

People don’t dislike you because of your lifestyle.  They dislike you because you appear to be tone-deaf.

9/11 in Photos: May We Never Forget

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