Editors at the Idaho Statesman are fuming because a kid’s drag show got shelved at the Boise Pride Fest.  And the newspaper types had already packed a picnic basket!  The paper blames the state Republican Party's Chairwoman Dorothy Moon.  She mentioned in a web post last week that the grooming event was scheduled for Sunday afternoon.  At least four sponsors then backed out of the event.

I wanted to share a link from the Statesman, but I’m not going to pay for a subscription and underwrite an anti-American and anti-Christian platform.  Suffice it to say, the guest writer is portraying Dorothy as a mean-spirited villain.  The paper didn’t tar the corporate sponsors who bagged the event with the same brush.  Do you suspect some of those firms advertise with the Statesman?  The paper’s parent company is a bankrupt outfit propping up a dying medium and desperate for revenue.

Memo to the fish wrapper in Boise and its liberal contributors.  Chairwoman Moon didn’t wrestle down anyone in a corporate boardroom, forcing them to say, uncle.  Perhaps some marketers instead thought kids parading for adult titillation wasn’t something their companies wanted an association with.

The news media long ago gave up objective reporting on alternative lifestyles and instead became a cheerleader.  Cal Thomas says that going back 30 years, he would visit newspapers that carried his columns.  He would see job postings on bulletin boards encouraging people with alternative lifestyles to apply for work as reporters.

How are the new hires going to be objective?  Instead, they created a new class of victims.  Victims need villains, hence Dorothy Moon.

If you dare voice an opinion about traditional values, expect the media mob to lead the arsonists to your door.

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