I would love to fly a plane, but (to quote Napoleon Dynamite) I don't have the skills necessary to do it. Thanks to YouTube, I can not only fly, but also experience what it might feel like to land in the remote Idaho wilderness.

I ended up on one of those rabbit trails the Internet is famous for. I found multiple videos on YouTube and Vimeo of pilots landing at Wilson's Bar. If you've never heard of it, there's a reason. It's located in the remote Idaho wilderness way north of McCall at approximately here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That led me to look up more details about Wilson Bar that led me to the Mountain Flying website. My favorite part was their description of navigation advice to pilots.

Before reaching the strip there is another area of ripples and white water. The airstrip is after the "small" ripples and before the "large" ripples.

Note to self: If you ever learn to fly, don't do anything that involves having to find where to land by looking for "ripples".

This kind of flying fascinates me because it gives you access to arguably the most beautiful parts of Idaho. Due to my lack of ninja flying skills, I can only dream...and watch videos like this on YouTube.

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