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This is what happens when you put an eco-terrorist in charge of a large government bureaucracy.  Tracy Stone-Manning avoided prison time during the 1990s when she turned on and testified against some of her associates.  They were known for pounding spikes in trees.  The goal is to prevent loggers from doing their work.  Though, we should mention, if a spike isn’t spotted, a saw can have a nasty backlash.  Lumbermen have been badly injured as a result of the tactic.  The tree-huggers value plants more than their fellow human beings.

Stone-Manning’s reward for ratting out her criminal associates was to eventually be named Director of the Bureau of Land Management.  Keep in mind the BLM’s original mission was to assist western ranchers and farmers.  This is the danger of creating three and four-letter agencies that aren’t directly accountable to voters.  The agencies become subject to the latest whims of diabolical people in government.

I saw a story a few days ago from the liberal publication Salon.  It’s published by the same sort of fellow travelers now in charge of government agencies that no longer serve the taxpaying public.  The Salon piece explains that BLM is giving the boot to oil drilling in one corner of California.  The local granola-gobbling commies may welcome the change and have a climax over the news.  For the rest of us, it means continued higher fuel costs.  Some predict oil at 100 dollars a barrel by the end of the year.  The Biden White House continues its assault on the American people.

Given the mindset of Stone-Manning and the Deep State, I don’t put much faith in the BLM rejecting proposed wind farms in southern Idaho.  We’re dealing with zealots and they view us as weeds in their garden.

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