This week the Idaho House of Representatives voted unanimously in voicing opposition to southern Idaho’s proposed wind farms.  Consider that means all the Democrats and all the Republicans voted on the same page!  How often does that happen?  I can’t remember anything in recent memory.

This morning I was floored when the leader of the House Democrats gave me some credit.  Last week I was talking with House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel about wind power.  She explained her correspondence was running an even split between opposition and support.  I replied and said that in this part of the state, it was difficult to find anyone in support.  This may be the most lopsided political issue I’ve ever seen in my life.  Rubel told me I influenced her decision and it influenced her caucus.

But it’s not me.  I was simply a conduit.  I’ve measured your views and I shared them with someone who has the ability to make a strong statement.

We sometimes believe we can’t make a difference.  Alone or in a group.  Now, clearly, we’re not finished.  The people in the federal government who’ll make the final call on the wind projects aren’t required to listen to our state legislature.  After all, placement would be on lands managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management.  On the other hand, the BLM would like to maintain good relations with state and local governments.

You’ve done well and are well organized.  This has been a tremendous effort by many.  An old adage says you can’t fight City Hall.  Maybe that’s not an absolute.

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