BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Schools in the Mini-Cassia area had a little extra security Tuesday after a student reported a Snapchat message relating to a possible school shooting. Authorities confirmed the threat originated out-of-state.

"Today, we were able to interview kids, and through the investigation process we learn that the text more than likely came through an Xbox account," said Cassia County Sheriff Jay Heward, "somewhere in Texas with no way to track it back."

Heward said there's no threat now, no lockdowns happened during the investigation, and while the post didn't confirm what high school, as a precaution the Burley High School wanted an increase in security once they received the information of a possible threat.

"If anything were to happen, even though it didn't specifically say Burley High School, we wanted a heavy law enforcement presence here," said Vice Principal Kit Kanekoa.

Kanekoa said the school had sent messages to parents explaining the situation.

"Through a school messenger, which is a school communication device, it goes through every parent that has a good phone number or good email address and letting them know it wasn't a specific threat." Kanekoa said.

The school has a website for any students and staff to leave anonymous tips that could pose a threat.

"We want parents, students to use, if they see or know of anything out the ordinary please use that line," Kanekoa said.

School officials at Minico High School confirmed an increase of security was in-place because of the post, and they continued to monitor the school campus until the end of the school day.

The investigation is closed.

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