Please leave it to Commiefornia to reverse discrimination when it comes to slavery reparations.  The state’s latest effort (because straight cash has proven unpopular even among Golden State liberals) is to tilt the playing field in licensed professions.  To give people who can prove they’ve descended from slaves an advantage when it comes to being granted a license.  You can click on this link and learn how it also impacts the medical profession.  After all, if you’re having prostate surgery, you want to redeem the ugly past over having the best-qualified surgeon with a knife!

A late conservative friend used to cite the analogy about pregnancy.  You’re driving your wife to the hospital when her water suddenly breaks.  There’s an intersection and a sign that explains there are two hospitals one mile away.  One billboard explains the hospital practices not only medicine but also affirmative action.  The other hospital promotes it hires the best people available.  Which do you choose?

A writer named Joel Kotkin has another update on reparations.  The latest effort from the left is to institute climate reparations.

Just this week, taxpayers learned they’re on the hook for additional student loan bailouts.  Illegal immigrants are being handed $5,000 gift cards and rooms at fine hotels.  Grocery prices remain high.  The country is 35 trillion dollars in debt (more than 10 percent of total global debt) and the bloated figure keeps growing.

We always need to qualify these things.  Slavery was dreadful, evil, and a stain on history.  But regarding reparations, everyone who was ever bullied could demand a check.  Everyone who was falsely accused of doing something wrong when he was a kid.  Everyone who had an ancestor didn’t get a fair shake.  Now we’re all facing a shakedown.

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