It almost sounds like an extortion threat.  I’ve been hearing the argument for slavery reparations payments for years.  It’s an academic exercise and isn’t gaining any traction.  Other than politicians who promise and pander for votes but know they can’t ever deliver.

With large sections of major Americans cities torched over the last week, demands for reparations now have the ring of ransom requests.

That’s a nice country you’ve got there.  A shame if something happened to it!

The latest comes from the founder of the BET network.  His name is Bob Johnson.  He appeared on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report.  When he says black Americans want 15 trillion dollars from everyone else, then all I hear is the fires will stop if he gets a check.

“That’s a nice country you’ve got there.  A shame if something happened to it!”

You can see Johnson’s remarks by clicking here.

By the way, if you’re family immigrated to the America’s in 1890, are you still on the hook for a share of the ransom demand?  If you can only prove you’re 1/16th black, do you only get 1/16th share?  If I had an ancestor who fought for the Union do I get an exemption?

I’m not sure some people are looking for equal opportunity.  They’re looking for revenge.  Because someone who looked like you 300 years ago was mean to someone who looked like them 300 years ago.

Do the descendants of Irish and Scots forced from their land by English Lords have claims?  Can they be filed in an international court?

How about indigenous tribesman from the Americas to Australia?

The history of humanity is one of growth and people being pushed aside.  This is a circular argument and simply used to whip up covetousness and anger.

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