Democrats are having a celebration in neighboring Idaho Falls.  It’s called the Truman Day dinner.

so they settled on Truman.  And ignored his youthful Klan activities

There was a time when these were called Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners, however.  Both men were slave owners and one was especially unkind when dealing with indigenous tribes.  They were very much men of their times but among the aggrieved Democrats of today the names had to be scrapped.

They couldn’t adopt Woodrow Wilson (racist), FDR (put people in internment camps), Kennedy (serial adulterer), and LBJ (liar and unpopular war), so they settled on Harry Truman.  And ignored his youthful Klan activities.

Slim pickings, wouldn’t you say?

At some point the wind will again change direction and Truman will be given the heave-ho.  Then what?  Clinton Day?  Sorry, he has Kennedy’s ailment.

I suggest Grover Cleveland.  He fathered an illegitimate child in the 19th Century.  He displayed modern Democrat mores in the Victorian Age.

“Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?  Off to the White House, hah, hah, hah!

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