It seems electric car owners have a lot in common with marijuana smokers.  The latter don’t like any criticism of their sacrament and believe the rest of us need to pat them on the head and say we approve.  Yes, yes, yes!  Please continue being lazy, brain-dead laggards who can’t get to work on time and are a drag on society.  America has so few troubles, why not add a few million more stoners!

EV Drivers See Themselves as Holier Than You

EV drivers have been sending me poison-pen emails now for several weeks.  Apparently, I’ve offended their cars.  Tell you what, I’ll have my internal combustion engine apologize to your EV.  Will that make you virtue-signaling liberals get all "warm and fuzzy?"

This is my fourth piece in a series about how electric vehicles will never become a dominant means of driving in Idaho.  Not once have I threatened to take away your Tesla.  I don’t have the power.  I’m a small market talk show host.  I don’t introduce laws, write laws, or enforce laws.  If you want to keep telling everyone you’re a superior being because you’re saving the planet, have at it.

EV Drivers are Funding Child Slavery

I did write in a previous and highly sourced story that there simply aren’t enough rare earth minerals on the planet to make EVs the dominant mode of travel.  Costs are also going up and the leading providers of rare earth minerals and metals are the Chinese and Congolese.  In China, a lot of forced labor is used in mining. In Congo, a lot of child slave labor gets the job done.  When you buy an EV, you put money into the pockets of slaveholders.  Does that make you feel virtuous?

Points of Logic Ignored by EV Buyers

A friend in Pennsylvania dropped me an email today (he made the same point a friend from Florida made last week).  You can read my buddy’s comments below and put some thought into the obvious.

“1.    We do not MINE the rare-earth minerals in the United States necessary to manufacture the batteries.  We would be dependent on China.  Mining rare-earth minerals is a whole other issue, especially with medicines and vitamins.


  1. The batteries are not as efficient in cold weather.


  1. The electric infrastructure cannot support the projected amount of cars.  Their range is limited and it takes too long to charge.


How do they expect to evacuate Florida if a hurricane is approaching?  It takes 6 hours and over 400 miles to get from Naples in southwest Florida to Jacksonville in the northern part of the state.  How would hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cars get recharged to evacuate.”

Is anyone driving an EV willing to issue a mea culpa?

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