I’m sure schools still have mock elections.  When I was a little boy we even had them in grade school.  In the 3rd grade we actually voted in an actual election booth.

Spanking will be banned.  Anyone previously spanked will receive reparations.

A buddy just ahead of me got his picture taken.  It appeared in the local paper.  His dad, one of the few Democrats in our county, was a columnist.

My memories of childhood are sometimes stronger than trying to recall what I did last week.  There were kids who would get up and promise if elected they would ensure free ice cream, for everyone and every day, in the school cafeteria.  Those future politicians did very well and in retrospect it’s instructive.  The guy never explained how he was going to convince the cafeteria manager to comply (I guess he had some thugs available back at the union hall).

The candidate never explained who would pay for the ice cream and assumed we thought we were entitled to dessert.

How is this any different than adults campaigning or voting in real elections?

If we allowed six-year-old kids the vote I can already hear the sales pitch.  Spanking will be banned.  Anyone previously spanked will receive reparations.  No one will be forced to eat vegetables and regular bathing won’t be required.

Democrats are suggesting we offer the franchise to 16-year-old teens.  Why the arbitrary number?  If the message is “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” then why not six?

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