The Canyon Rim Ruck Walk is tomorrow, Saturday, October 23rd starting at 7 am. The sign in time is 6:30 and the event will go on rain or shine. The purpose behind the walk is to raise money for select charities to support veterans and their families.

Purpose behind Canyon Rim Ruck Walk

The event itself is a senior project. The event is to help raise money for veterans and their families who have been impacted by mental health issues and/or suicide. There is no official cost to participate, it is by donation only so if you can afford $1 or $100 dollars you are encouraged to come.

When and where?

Saturday, October 23rd starting at 6:30 am for sign ups and the walk/run begins at 7 am. The trail distance itself is going to be 10 miles but you go the distance that makes you feel most comfortable. All participants should show up at the Canyon Rim Trail behind Petco. That is where it will start. It is important to note it is a rain or shine event.

What else should I know?

You are welcome and encouraged to print out a picture of the person that you are honoring and pin it to your ruck pack or your back for the walk. Again, it is by donation only there is no specific amount to participate. Also, Creative Cravings food truck will also be there if you want to get a bite to eat after the event.

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