Boise, Idaho (KTVB) Many Magic Valley residents fly out of the Boise Airport and they take a lot with them, whether it be toothpaste, combs’ and other toiletries. But, believe it or not people have tried to take a cattle prod on board a plane at the airport.

KTVB got an exclusive look at some of the scary and simply strange items Boise Airport passengers have tried to take on board planes.  The Transportation Security Administration saved some of the items passengers had to abandon because they were not allowed in their carry-on baggage.

One out of every one hundred passengers who's flown since 9-11 has had with them some type of prohibited item that couldn't go onto into a plane cabin.  As you'd imagine, that's a lot of stuff, and with all of the safety restrictions, there's some interesting stuff in people's pockets and carry-ons.

In the last six weeks, TSA officers have found a lot of unusual things in carry-ons and pockets.  Those items included all of these things:  switchblades, Swiss army knives, pocketknives, multitools, cattle prod, clips, slingshot, small ax, bottle openers and corkscrews, gardening tools, small saws, decorative saw blade, baton, pool cue, purse with brass knuckles, and a small gun keychain.

Many of the prohibited items the TSA collected were simple pocket tools, like a BSU corkscrew and bottle opener.

Novelty items can also be stopped at security, like the decorative saw blade, toy gun keychain, and the purse with a weapons theme that has a handle designed to look like brass knuckles.

Some rules may seem over-the-top, but to the TSA, anything that even looks like a threat might not just present danger, it could make your seat-mate defensive, or simply uncomfortable.

In the last year, Boise TSA officers have collected around 700 pounds of prohibited items.  Most were small knives or prohibited liquids, but they also found nine guns.

Just last month, TSA found a loaded gun in a man's carry-on by running the bag through the x-ray machine.  Boise Police ticketed him, took his gun, and destroyed the ammo.

Most of the time, bringing a prohibited item is an honest mistake, and passengers just hand over their prohibited item, no problem, no punishment.


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