Camas County Commissioners have postponed any action until June.  Last week I mentioned a small group of citizens approached the commission with a claim that a county road ran dead smack through the proposed land where Willis plans to build his private airport.  I also wrote that if the county didn’t maintain the road and hadn’t maintained it for several years then the objections would be moot.

Maybe the commission doesn’t see it that way.  A little research buys some more time and possibly the board can better gauge overall public opinion, which does periodically change.  Not that politicians ever wet an index finger and raise it in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing!

An Economic Boost Could be Lost

I believe Willis's plan would be a slight boost for the local economy.  Because we’re talking about a private facility, you wouldn’t likely see an overwhelming number of locals employed, however.  Those who would get jobs could be well compensated.  Then there’s the matter of construction work.  It would keep more than a few people busy for a lengthy period of time.  None of this may matter to people who don’t like change and I understand how they feel.  One day you live in isolation and if you like it, you don’t want to wake up the next day to more traffic in the air and on the ground.  On the flip side, if your kids need to move away to find a job, any new business could keep some of them close to home.

Commissioners May Try and Run Out the Clock

There may be another factor here.  Willis is struggling with an illness and maybe the commissioners believe he’ll give up and then they can skirt any controversy.  The thing is, while he’s struggling with sorting out language, he isn’t stupid.  He also doesn’t give the impression he’s a quitter.

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