It could be devastating at a business level.  SkyWest Airlines claims it needs almost one-half million dollars to continue daily flights to and from the Magic Valley Regional Airport.  The city council is considering providing $200,000 per year for the carrier.  The Twin Falls County Commission would kick in an additional $250,000.

Flights are Critical for Businesses

Many companies doing business in Twin Falls rely on flights for staff going out of town for business.  Having to reimburse an employee for a drive to Boise to catch a flight would be an added expense when many business margins are currently tight.

Without commercial flights, there’s no need for the Transportation Security Administration locally.  TSA jobs will be lost.  The restaurant at the site could be forced to close.  Another fifty jobs at the facility would be lost.  Commercial airlines still haven’t fully bounced back from the worst days of the pandemic.

Not all Flights Would End

The city administers the airport for both local governments.  Private and cargo flights would continue.

Airlines are Still Impacted by COVID

SkyWest is making the same request from two and a half dozen airports in the region.  The city and county are always pursuing additional carriers and flights.  For most locals, it’s a great convenience.  It cuts down on travel to airports in Boise and Salt Lake City.  Parking at the local facility is free.  Once you pass through a TSA checkpoint in Twin Falls, you’re not required to do the same at connecting airports until you’re ready to return.

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