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Admission won’t cost you any money.  Or not yet.  Twin Falls County Commissioners are looking to ease congestion at Centennial Park.  It may result in a ticket booth along the road into the park.  When the park is full, you would be required to wait until a parking space opens.

This wasn’t an issue half a dozen years ago, but the popularity of the park has simply exploded.  People come from all over Idaho and neighboring states for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.  Unfortunately, some people get in trouble on the water.  The park also provides access for the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office to launch its boat.  It is used to enforce safety regulations and, sadly, at times to pull drowning victims from the Snake River.

Last week, the park was packed one day when the fire department arrived to assist in recovery.  There was no room for the truck.  The park is a victim of its own success.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall explained the county is looking at other solutions.  Perhaps buying land elsewhere along the river and encouraging water enthusiasts to try the waters near Buhl and Murtaugh.

There will be complaints.  As anyone who uses social media knows, there will be people who believe they should never be inconvenienced.  Some are the same people who routinely violate parking regulations as if Centennial Park was their own private reserve.

A question for them.  If someone is in the water and in trouble, should we let them drown so you can park and get your boat in the water?  Some things remain more important than our own personal pleasure.


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