Mike Simpson is making a lot of friends on the political left.  He has a new best friend in Earl Blumenauer.  Blumenauer is a longtime member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Western Oregon.  Born in Portland, he was raised on granola mixed with his mother’s milk.  He’s wholly on board with Simpson’s sinister plot to destroy four dams on the lower Snake River.  The argument being it’ll restore salmon runs.  It ignores the large fishing fleets scooping up salmon in the Pacific Ocean!

This is where Blumenauer and his allies will break with Simpson.  Their focus is solar and wind.

I’m told the nuclear power industry will bankroll Simpson’s next campaign.  While we should be building more nuclear systems, Simpson would lean on nuclear to replace cheap power lost on the river system.  And it would take years to license not only new plants but also the smaller reactors being proposed for manufacture at Idaho National laboratory.  If new plants were ever approved.

This is where Blumenauer and his allies will break with Simpson.  Their focus is solar and wind.  Two forms that will never meet current needs.  Now imagine if our population growth continues at the same pace over this decade as it did the last ten years!

This morning I came across a blog post from a Left Coast tree-hugger.  It praises Simpson.  You can read it by clicking here.  Notice the writer never mentions nuclear as an alternative source of energy.  Instead, she suggests a reliance on wind turbines and solar panels.  Manufactured in places like China.

And by the way, one of Australia’s top military minds predicts war with China.  Henry Kissinger also warns it’s a possibility.  Could the Chinese place kill switches in technology they sell us?  Would it be activated in the event of war?

The environmentalists are endangering their fellow countrymen and women.

This weekend, Simpson may be censured by the Idaho Republican Party.  He’ll simply shrug it off and vacuum up campaign cash elsewhere.


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