Mike Simpson probably prayed for this.  Snow is falling at Dorothy Moon’s mountaintop retreat.  Moon and her family live off the grid near Challis.  It’s not just Simpson.  You can imagine his fellow establishment Republicans and newspaper editors across Idaho are hoping Moon doesn’t make it down until spring!

They always go after the personality and not the movement.  As one party representative told me this week, Republican politicians are always a few years behind the rank-and-file registered Republicans.

It reminds me of those kids in high school who believed they were from a better grade of humanity than everyone else.  Go sit down and expect some table scraps and shut your mouths.

A friend now works as a spokeswoman for the Mayor of Minneapolis.  When we worked together in a newsroom thirty years ago, she shared a story.  She had a second job waiting tables.  One night a Republican state legislator walked in.  He didn’t recognize her and demanded he be served first.  “I’m a state official,” he explained.

That’s extreme but it shows you the sense of entitlement many of these people have.  When Moon and her slate were elected at the state convention in 2022, a member of the old guard was furious.  “I hope you take good care of our party,” she said to a friend of mine.

Nothing infuriates me more than stuffed shirts.  My parents worked for a living.  They paid taxes and kept a neat-looking home.  Dorothy’s house is pretty neat, and that’s not a chilling remark!

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