Wait until they discover what’s in the fertilizer that produces the sprouts they gobble.  The coastal lefties continue to rage against livestock and the consumption of meat.  As they see their efforts failing, the whackos are shrill and desperate.  At the left-wing publication Vox, in a section called Future Perfect, one loon is in meltdown because you haven’t been coerced into giving up that steak.

He writes that of all the countries that signed on to the Paris Climate Accord, only a small fraction have gotten on board with eliminating livestock.  That shines a light on reality.  First, politicians make promises they don’t intend to keep.  They do it to win the next election cycle.  Totalitarian governments do it to impress the useful idiots in news media, but then nothing  Do you mean to say we can’t trust the Chinese communists?  Liberal reporters like the Chinese approach, which is to force the masses to bend to the will of the governing party.  Because fellow travelers don’t believe you can look out for yourself.  It chaps the same bottoms liberals can’t even wipe without an instruction manual (but you’re the one they view as an idiot!)

Why is this important in Idaho?  We have a large beef industry.  A new processing plant a few miles from home added more than 500 jobs to the local economy.  These oafs on the left would put you on the dole and then print more fiat currency to support you.  All the while turning the value of a dollar into the sheet of toilet paper they use with an instruction book.

I want you to check out this link.  Californians may need to find someone to read it for them.  It shows that we’re being played by what’s called a PSYOP.  We need to halt the operation, or much of humanity will be wiped off the globe.  That’s the real intent of the self-loathing granola-chomping left.

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