Fentanyl is among the leading killers (if not the leading killer of young adults in Idaho.  Where does most of it come from?  Drug cartels in Mexico ship it over our porous borders.  Where is it made?  In many cases, it’s produced in China, where our friendly communist thugs provide it to the cartels.  And liberals, who promote open borders, claim Russia is a more serious threat than China!

A couple of years ago, fentanyl nearly killed a pair of Canyon County Sheriff’s Deputies.  Good for them, some of their colleagues were quick to apply Naloxone and saved lives.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue is a man who has seen the worst, and he constantly warns the border must be sealed to save even more lives in Idaho.  Donahue was up early this morning and appeared on Fox and Friends First.  He was part of a panel discussion on the threat from our south.  The Sheriff made it clear that even northern states are paying the price for the Biden Administration’s border policy.  He also added that we even face smuggling now across the border with Canada.  You can watch the conversation by clicking here.

It’s not only the liberals in Washington creating the conditions causing death and destruction from fentanyl.  Recent stories from mainstream media suggest the state is cutting funding for Narcan, which is a brand name for Naloxone.  If this is the case, then local law enforcers are going to need to appeal to local governments to cover costs.

More local control is what we need when it comes to battling crime, deadly drugs, and illegal invaders.  The trouble is, courts aren’t very sympathetic.  Local governments are often blocked from making their own border policy.  A shame, because the people in charge won't.

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