Climate experts are warning that dramatic weather changes around the world could force creatures of supposed myth to come out of hiding. This could include the famous Loch Ness Monster, the Dierkes Monster, and even Bigfoot.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Why Climate Change is Forcing Idaho's Bigfoot Out Of Hiding

The idea that climate change could bring out the monsters comes from a recent article from the Daily Star. The story is under the weird news section so you could be tempted to brush it off as satire, but if you believe in these elusive creatures the threat could be very real. As pointed out in the Daily Star, the Loch Ness Monster needs the lake it lives in to be deep. Warm temperatures are dropping the water levels making it harder to hide and harder to find food.

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The exact same situation could happen in Idaho with the Dierkes Lake Monster. The only reason we haven’t seen the water beast is due to the murkiness of the water and the depth of the lake. Given enough hot days or the drainage water drying up and we may have our first real sighting within a few years.

Will Climate Change Force Idaho's Bigfoot Out Of Hiding And Into Society?

Bigfoot is in the same - sinking - boat. With more wildfires happening each year and humans encroaching on more land each year, it’s eventually going to be impossible for the Sasquatch to hide anymore. Idaho is a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings already and as long as adventurers keep their phones handy, there will be more frequent sightings.

If you don’t believe in any of these monsters, then you can carry on with your life and we’ll see in a few years who is wrong and who has Bigfoot as a coworker.

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