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The guy was talking about Bigfoot.  I was driving to work early and listening to Coast-to-Coast on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  The guest was telling the host it’s only a matter of time, and soon, that we’ll finally have evidence that proves the creature is real.  The guest cited the ubiquity of cellphone cameras.

Which have been in use for a couple of decades.  Other cameras have been in existence for 180 years, and still nothing conclusive.  No scat.  No hairs offering DNA evidence.  No big hairy things are willing to be interviewed on the same show.

A caller chimed in and asked if aliens could be protecting Sasquatch from human senses.  The guest said there have been reports of people seeing the creature walk down ramps of UFOs.  In case the animal was wobbly from the long flight, I suppose Marilyn Monroe and Elvis were there to assist with the walk!

There’s a map on my office wall.  You can see the picture of it above.  It was on the wall when I arrived.  Judging by the number of reported sightings, it belies the belief that Bigfoot exists.  Yes, there are many reports, and still no pictures.  No captures and no Harry and the Hendersons moments.  The map even shows one potential sighting in south central Idaho, which means Bigfoot is often on the move.  Does he cross highways with heavy trucks?  Where’s the roadkill?

What’s more, the map would suggest a massive population across several states and two provinces.  What, can they make themselves invisible?

I’m reminded of one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen on television.  From the Newhart TV show.  The same type of claim.  Same sane reaction.

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