Reports of Bigfoot encounters in Idaho are common, but they are usually just a glimpse of the beast or strange sounds in the wilderness. Bigfoot is known for staying away from humans and being as discreet and elusive as possible. I was surprised to find an article that claims Bigfoot attacked a group of kids ice skating in Southern Idaho.

Bigfoot Attacks Youth Group In Southern Idaho

The report of Bigfoot attacking a youth group in Southern Idaho dates back to 1902 in an article printed by the Deseret News newspaper out of Utah. The article claims the group of kids were out ice skating near the Portneuf River in Pocatello when the 'eight-foot all-hair covered human monster' came after them. They say the Bigfoot brandished a stick as a weapon and yelled out sounds aggressively at the kids.

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The youth group was only able to escape in their wagon because the hairy monster was too slow to be able to chase them.

What Did The Sasquatch Monster Look Like

In the report, the monster was stated to be at least 8 feet tall with long reddish-brown hair all over the body. Footprints left by the creature were measured at 22 inches long and had only four toes. People were so scared by the incident that they sent out 20 men to track the Bigfoot and capture him. The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization wrote about the incident last year and James Hershey Jr. posted a video about it on YouTube.

Check out these other Bigfoot sightings on YouTube:

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