Many modern Americans believe we need to appease any and all malcontents.  Yes, Colin Kaepernick has the right to be a petulant and angry young man who hates his country.  It doesn’t mean we need praise immature athletes who need to work out their rage.

There was a time when such behavior was shunned.  It was a form of social control.  Kaepernick is allowed his opinions, but his employer need not sanction his behavior.  As you know, the wealthy but untalented quarterback refuses to stand for the national anthem.

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This morning, it was good to read some in big time sports have little tolerance for the spoiled asses they may coach.  John Tortorella is coach of Team USA in the World Cup of Hockey.  Check out this link.  Lefty may cry and whine, but sports demands discipline and the Massachusetts born Tortorella is a flag-waving patriot.

I also enjoyed an impromptu response to Kaepernick from almost and should be President Ted Cruz.  You can read and watch the reaction from the Texas Senator here.

Fields of dead who died for Old Glory. Courtesy, Bill Colley.